Where freedom
meets community

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Where freedom
meets community

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Kibbo is

A new way to live and work wherever you want without giving up relationships or the comforts of home

For less than the cost of living in a studio apartment, we give you a top-of-the-line Sprinter Van, a network of home bases across the West, essential groceries and provisions, wi-fi and an inclusive, adventurous community — everything you need to live an extraordinary life

Don’t shelter in place, shelter any place

Rethink your reality

Our vans

Get one of our campers — or bring your own

  • State-of-the-art Mercedes-Benz Sprinters, expertly outfitted with all the essentials to be your tiny home
  • The latest in technology: not quite self-driving, but not far off with adaptive cruise control
  • Off-the-grid power for all your digital stuff, fully equipped kitchenette, a cozy bed and clever amenities

Access to a 
network of 

Our locations

The call of the wild, the scene of the city. It’s your choice

  • From the Rockies to the Pacific, from San Diego to Seattle, we are creating a collection of unique spaces across the West Coast
  • Starting in fall of 2020 we’re opening home bases in beaches, forests, mountains and deserts across the West, starting with Ojai, Zion, Black Rock Desert, Big Sur
  • Launching in core urban locations of San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles and others starting in 2021


Our clubhouses

Everything you need to live, work and play

  • Fast Wi-Fi, fresh facilities, laundry and cozy common spaces to work and relax
  • A full kitchen, stocked refrigerator and pantry with all the essentials you need to make healthy meals and snacks
  • Excursion-specific gear to share so you can get into nature

meets #vanlife

Our community

Connect when you want to or go your own way

  • We are creating an inclusive community that welcomes adventurers, makers, creators and doers from all walks of vanlife
  • Our people are kind, curious explorers who are looking for ways to live free and connected
  • Co-create adventures, dinners, talks and trips or fly solo in the clubhouse or on the road

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