Last updated 28 July 2020


We have designed our pricing to be flexible for our members’ lifestyles. Please  if you have any questions.


Sign up

Once you’re accepted as a member, you pay a one-time sign up fee.


*This fee is waived through the end of 2020


You are part of the Kibbo community. You get access to our online community, invites to our caravan get-togethers, community perks and discounts, but most importantly as a member you get access to book our network of clubhouses.

Everyone who stays with us needs to be a member.

$150 per month for one person

$195 per month for two people

Full-time access

Unlimited stays at our collection of locations and use of amenities including a place to park your van, wi-fi, facilities, snacks and extras like bikes and adventure gear.
Starting at $995 per month

10-pack of nights

Not ready for full-time kibbo life? You can get overnight access to our locations for one-off stays on a per person basis.
$950 for a pack of 10 overnight stays (24 hours)

Dual occupancy

Have a road buddy? Because we want them to use the wifi, enjoy the clubhouse and stuff, there is a small additional fee.
$485 per month for unlimited or a $50 day pass


We have a fleet of new, expertly-outfitted Sprinters ready for our members.
$1500-$2500 per month depending on options and term


If you want to use your own van, it needs to be in good condition and under 25 feet long.


Occasional User

You have your own van and want to pop in for a couple nights a month.

After the sign up fee, you pay $150 per month, attend our gatherings for free, stay in touch and up to date in our online community, and pay $950 for a 10-pack of nights and use them whenever you want.

Vanlifer Pro

You are ready to give up your apartment and jump in. You and your partner want this to be your full-time thing and want to use one of our vans.

After the sign up fee, you pay $195 per month for a two-person membership. You get to attend our gatherings for free and stay in touch and up-to-date in our online community. You pay $2500 per month for our top-of-the-line 2020 4x4 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter camper, $995 per month for unlimited clubhouse access, plus $485 for your co-pilot. All-in for two people to join Kibbo, including a new Sprinter van, food, clubhouse access, and events is $4,175 per month.

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